Create a beats and exporting a WAV file
This forum ask you to create a beats and exporting a WAV file.
When you submit the assignment, you may need to upload your assignment to Google Drive and create a shareable link to post to the forum.
General aims of this task:
to learn the fundamentals of making a beat.
to use online tools and learn about professional file formats
to learn how to download a WAV
This blog post is part of the Weekly Blog Posts Assignment (25%).
Watch the reference videos linked below
Create your own 30 second long beat or sequenced audio track using one of the following tools:
Take 5 screenshots as you develop your sequenced track.
Export a WAV or MP3 (duration 30 seconds).
Embed your audio and screenshots in a blog post, including a written reflection on the process (max 400 words).
Post the permalink to your blog post in the assignment submission below.