Which substance use disorder treatment is most effective?
Important: This assignment requires statistical formulation such as t-test, ANOVA, correlation, and chi-square. Additionally, tables and/or figures by charts, maps, or graphs are required as well.

Using the topic, “Which substance use disorder treatment is most effective? (I.e. medical detox/medical assisted withdrawal, outpatient rehabilitation, medication assisted treatment (MAT program), group therapy, psychosocial interventions, and inpatient rehabilitation), write a Research Proposal (2,000-2,500 words). To complete the Research Proposal, do the following:
It is essential that you use the “Research Proposal Guidelines” to complete this assignment. Additionally, please include at least 8-10 scholarly references.
Introductory section: Include hypothesis and a review of the literature.
Method section: Include subsections on Participants, Apparatus/Materials/Instruments, Procedure, and Design (Design examples: single case, between subject, and quasi-experimental designs).
Results section: Include statistic, critical values, degrees of freedom, and alpha level.
Discussion section: Include interpretation of results, ethical concerns, limitations of study, and suggestions for future research.
Figures and Tables section: Include a minimum of two (either two figures, two tables, or a figure and a table).
This, MS Psychology benchmark assignment, assesses the following programmatic competencies:
3.3: Design an innovative research study.
4.3: Plan and manage the necessary process for the completion of a research project.