Analyzing Angelou’s and Gibran’s poems
The poems of both Maya Angelou and Kahlil Gibran that we read this week are filled with the language of self-affirmation, exploration, and questions about the relationship between ourselves and those around us. For this week’s writing assignment, discuss and analyze Angelou’s and Gibran’s poems by responding to the following questions:
What are the main ideas, themes, or concepts in the poems? Do they have a main point you could summarize? Do they set up a contrast or debate? If so do they resolve the debate somehow?
Moments of repetition and patterns in poetry are important. What patterns of language, word choice, imagery, etc. do you notice Angelou and Gibran using in their poems? What do you think is the significance of these patterns? How do these patterns enhance the meaning/purpose of the poems?
Choose one line, or a group of lines, that stood out to you from one of either Angelou’s or Gibran’s poems. Close-read your chosen line(s) with the following questions:
Examine the language closely. What specific words seem important and why?
What are the connotations of these words? What tone do they exude?
What images are being expressed through these words?
What meaning do you think is being expressed through these lines?
Remember to incorporate direct quotes in your responses to illustrate your points, and cite these quotes in MLA format.