Concepts of change management
Change Assessment Assignment
The Change Assessment Assignment requires you to apply the concepts of change
to a real situation that you have encountered in your career, or an
organizational change that
you would like to make happen in the future. In conducting your analysis of the
change and
developing a plan, consider issues such as management level (top or middle),
tools and levers
that are available (or not) for guiding change, the pace and timing of moves to
create change,
whether there is issue selling, and efforts to manage resistance to change.
Incorporate concepts
from class discussion and readings to support your analysis and plan.
Paper Prompt
Analyze a current, past or anticipated change and create a plan for effective
change using
course concepts.
• The paper will be easier to write if you focus on an organizational change
that affects
one or more units.
• If you select a change that is in the past, you might consider how the change
could have
been managed more effectively, or if it was handled well, explain why. Draw on
materials to support your analysis.
• If you select a change that is currently in progress, you might focus on what
is needed
next to facilitate the change happening successfully. The change simulation can
help you
think about the speed and sequence of actions that can be taken to support change.
Paper Requirements
• Do not include a title page.
• Support your argument with references and/or examples. Include IEEE format
for quotes or key ideas from authors and sources.
• Follow a professional report format with single spacing, headings, and page
numbers to
organize your work.
• Aim for 3 pages of writing including an introduction, body, and conclusion.
• A plagiarism and AI similarity analysis will be conducted on all papers. Be
sure to quote
and cite any sources correctly.
• You should not consult with others in writing this paper.
Grading Criteria
• Does the paper address the prompt thoroughly?
• Are course concepts used to support your analysis and plan?
• Does the paper make a persuasive case that the course of action you propose can
• Is the paper clearly written with appropriate referencing? Does the paper m