Write a paper Identifying the “Backstory” of a General Epistle.
Topic: Identifying the “Backstory” of a General Epistle
Reading for this discussion
Read: Hebrews
Read: James
Read: Elwell & Yarbrough: Chapter 22
Just because the General Epistles are not “occasional,” as are Paul’s letters, does not mean that they are not intended to speak to specific problems, issues, and crises in the congregations to which they are addressed. Remember, letters are snippets or excerpts of an ongoing conversation. Something happened or was said prior to the letter you are reading. In most cases, you can guess what that was by “reading between the lines” of the letter. This is the letter’s “backstory.” Choose one of the General Epistles studied in this course, read it through quickly (remember, it is a letter!), and then describe in your own words the issue, problem, or crisis the letter was composed to address. This is not a critical introduction to your letter (discussing such things as authorship, date, etc.); rather, you are to describe the “backstory” that precipitated the letter. Having done that, discuss briefly how the letter is still relevant to the church today.
Please note: “Discussion” in this context means informed conversation, not just off-the-cuff opinion, and is an assessment of the student’s understanding and assimilation of the assigned Learn materials. As such, Discussion posts are required to interact with Learn materials, including both textbooks and course presentations, and to document that interaction with appropriate footnotes and bibliography in correct Turabian formatting. Non-course internet sources require the instructor’s prior approval. See grading rubric for specific grading criteria.
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