Select relevant to Native American culture and experience and write a paper utilizing an anthropological perspective.
Students will select a topic relevant to Native American culture and experience and
a minimum 5-page paper (double spaced, 12pt., Times New Roman) discussing your
topic utilizing an anthropological perspective. You may select a specific Native American
culture to write about where you discuss their cultural practices and beliefs or you can
select a topic that it is relevant to Native American experience such as representations of
Native Americans in the media, sovereignty, discrimination of Native American people,
recognition, repatriation of Native American bones or artifacts, reservations, gaming,
indigenous social movements in the Americas, how borders impact Native American life,
Native American art, religion, health, medicine, etc. Emphasis should be placed on
utilizing and applying the course theories and perspectives and a minimum of three
scholarly sources should be used (not websites or newspapers). Be very careful to cite
your work properly. If students have access to the culture, they are welcome to include an
ethnographic component to their paper but please be respectful in conducting your
research (see below). Do not just tell us about the culture or topic; try to analyze what is
going on utilizing the course theories and perspectives. Emphasize the topics that we
have discussed in the class: identity, religion, discrimination, sovereignty, conflict,
heritage, rights, etc. All papers should be submitted electronically via Canvas in .doc,
.docx, .txt or .pdf formats. Be careful with your citation practices as plagiarized, AI
generated, recycled or copied papers will receive a zero