How are good vs. evil played out? Does right triumph over wrong?
Instructions: (4-5 paragraph/ A whole page)

The movie I picked to talk about is: “A Walk to Remeber”

Culture represents whatever is considered the “in” thing. It can include
Television, Movies, Music, Videos, Fashion, Fads, Language, Food, Marketing,
and similar trends in culture and society.
The Important Philosophical Question
Regarding Popular Culture and Influence:
Popular Culture mirror or suggest real life?
In analyzing Popular Culture and
its influence, it is important to consider both Content and Context.
Six Dimensions of Interpretation for Popular
Frame of
Reference – From whose perspective is story being told?
Dimension – What traditional story lines are at work? Are there any
heroes, villains, people in need of rescue, trusty companions?
Dimension – How are factors of race, gender, age social class,
relationships, nationality, and education expressed?
Ethical and
Spiritual Dimension – What values are present or promoted? What
religious/spiritual beliefs are expressed?
Dimension – How are good vs. evil played out? Does right triumph
over wrong? Is violence glamorized or does wrongdoing go without consequences
or accountability?

Dimension – What important questions about life are addressed and
how are they answered? What is portrayed as being “meaningful” or “purposeful”
in life?