Role of the corpus collosum.
The purpose of this assignment is to describe the specialization of the brain. Students will also interact with peers to enhance the overall learning experience (CLO 1, 2, 3).
After reviewing this week’s learning materials, in no less than 250 words, please address the following two prompts in your initial post. Be sure to include numbers (1, 2) to organize your post.
1) Describe the role of the corpus collosum. Where is the corpus collosum located? What is its main function? Give examples of potential problems that could occur if there was damage to the corpus collosum (ie., split brain).
2) Discuss the lateralization of the left and right hemispheres. What skills or capabilities are associated with the left hemisphere? What skills or capabilities are associated with the right hemisphere? Share which hemisphere you think you are most dominant in and give some examples of why.
Kalat, James W. (2019). Biological Psychology (13th ed).