The Executive Branch and Congress role in Declaring a Nuclear War
DQ #14: Let’s Debate the issue: ‘The Executive Branch and Congress role in Declaring a Nuclear War’.
Foreign Policy/Defense DQ #14 Lesson: The Executive Branch and Congress role in Declaring a Nuclear War.
Lesson Activity DQ #14: In this Lesson Activity you will have to identify the role of the Congress and the Executive Branch in declaring a war either my Executive Order or by the War Powers Act. This will be a Debate activity to discuss your individual qualitative research on the causes and effects of a possible case scenario: “Nuclear War with Iran” and examine the key countries’ involved in this conflict considering their geo-political and geo-strategical interests.
Case Scenario: “Nuclear War with Iran”
Please take a position pro/con and support it with 3 arguments 200-300 words each-do further research on the subject e.g. previous wars and how the Congress/Executive Branch reacted. In this individual research you are prompted to evaluate the role of the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch (Congress) in terms of War action. Which one is better suitable to declare a war? Please take into consideration a ‘vital’ conflict that is ongoing such as the possibility of a war with Iran.
Task and Mission:
Are we ready to negotiate?
Evaluate the terms for a possible end of the conflict.
What are the effects of a possible Nuclear War with Iran ?
Consider China’s role and S. Korea’s role in this conflict.
Examine the Economics and Security in the region. e.g. silk road -China/Russia/EU/Middle East
Guidelines to consider for this activity:
U.S. relations with Iran (History of Negotiations-Treaties).
Iran’s Nuclear capability (NPT Treaty).
Iran’s relations with Russia and Pakistan.
Possible Proxy War -Examine the Geopolitical position of Iran.
Examine NATO’s and the U.N. role in this possible war.
China’s role in this possible conflict/war (economic and geo-strategical)
Identify the key players (countries) alliances and geopolitical/security/economic/ interest.
Suggested Research Guidelines:
Refer below for further Research and from the Week 13-14 Supplemental Videos/Links for your research:
Part IV: United States Role in F.P./Security/Economy (Ch. 13-Ch.14)
(Links to an external site.)War Power Act-1973, Definition & Purposes-HISTORY (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)U.S.-Pakistan Relations: Reassessing Priorities Amid Continued Challenges (Links to an external site.)
Containing Tehran: Understanding Iran’s Power and Exploiting its Vulnerabilities (Links to an external site.)
Is War with Iran imminent? Here’s the real truth (Links to an external site.)
Iran, Israel, and Nuclear War (Links to an external site.)
Iran will lose the battle, but win the warLinks to an external site.
The Countdown to an Israeli war with Iran Has Begun Iran and Israel’s shadow war takes a dangerous turn -BBC NewsLinks to an external site.Biden’s decision to strike Iran’s proxies is a good startLinks to an external site.
Submission Format Guidelines:
Please write 3 arguments of 200 words each or 600 words max reflective summary research and adhere to APA/Chicago formatting. You must include three-six resources from credible sources to support your qualitative research essay.
Grade Rubric:
Individual Outline or Summary 600 words plus 3-6 resources=5 points.