What is Latin America?
In a word document and using MLA format, write a 2-to-3-page paper based on the 3 assigned readings, then attach your paper to this drop box. DO NOT WRITE YOUR PAPER IN THE MESSAGE OF THIS DROP BOX. ATTACH IT FROM A WORD DOCUMENT.
Use the following to guide your writing:
What is Latin America?
In the assigned readings, the authors explain where the name of Latin America comes from, why is it problematic to define Latin America, they specifically mention difficulties defining it in terms of geography and language. They also mention what are the different meanings of Latin America and what does one mean when talking about Latin America.
Use the ideas above to write your paper. Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph. For the main body of this reflection paper write 3 or 4 paragraphs to develop your ideas. Finish your paper with a conclusion.
I am interested in making sure you read carefully the three articles so please give specific examples from the articles to support your statements and do not forget to cite if you are quoting. (Total points: 25) Use MLA formatting.