Community Project Care Plan: Interventions (Part II).
Community Project Care Plan: Interventions (Part II)
Step 1: Write an APA paper reporting the following:
Evaluation of community-based interventions that are currently available to address their chosen community health problem. This information will come from the community project activities the student has participated in during the previous 4 weeks.
Discussion of evidence-based prevention strategies not currently available in their community that would address the chosen health issue. You will search the literature, search online, and get ideas from leaders in the community.
Assignment Paper Organization
Title Page
Introduction paragraph (1 paragraph): Define and describe health problem, include brief description of your chosen community and population
Community Based Interventions
Brief paragraph introducing with an overview of the community interventions that are currently in place for your chosen community health problem. You will go into detail for each intervention later. 3-4 sentences. (Minimum: 4 interventions)
Intervention #1 (Write out the actual intervention “Education” or “Crisis Center” etc)
For each intervention, describe the intervention (Who, What, Where, When, Why) Describe what level of prevention (primary? Secondary?) and what about the intervention makes it this level of prevention. Each intervention 1-2 paragraphs.
Intervention #2
Intervention #3
Intervention #4
Evidence Based Prevention Strategies
Describe TWO (2) EBP prevention strategies that are not available in the community that may be beneficial for your problem. Search the literature, online resources, etc. for what other communities are doing to combat the problem. (2-4 paragraphs)
Summarize the paper. Restate the problem and summarize current interventions in place. Restate proposed interventions that may help in the prevention of the health problem. (1 paragraph)
Appendix (if applicable)

Shelly Long community project is part 1 attatched below. This is my community project.

Car seat education and saftey.