Advocacy within a community
Advocacy in the Community. This assignment gives students an opportunity to participate in advocacy within a community that is meaningful to them. Students can choose from one of the options suggested below or may propose their own idea to the professor. This assignment involves student activity and a written reflection. This assignment can be completed at any time during the term but must be completed in order to get a passing grade. I want each of you to leave this course feeling that you have practiced these advocacy skills and are ready to use them in your social work practice.
Suggested options include activities such as:
1) Participating in a policy meeting at the local, state, or federal level (i.e., speaking at a city council or county commissioners hearing, a school board or agency board meeting etc.), and initiating post-meeting communications with meeting participants on a topic from the meeting agenda.
2) Organizing a voter engagement activity within a community (such as at field placement, at a workplace, or within another community of importance).
3) Participating in an advocacy activity, demonstration, or rally organized by local activists.
4) Advocating via a meeting with a policymaker or staff member at any level or branch of government,
5) Volunteering for a political campaign,
6) having an op ed published in a local paper, or
7) corresponding with an elected official.
Regardless of the activity selected, this assignment will require students to engage meaningfully in an advocacy activity. Merely attending will not be sufficient. Students will need to advocate a policy position to a relevant body.
Students will submit a paper of at least 5 pages based on this community advocacy activity. One or two pages should introduce the activity and identify policy issues to be addressed. One or two pages should summarize the student’s participation in the activity. One or two pages should provide reflection on the activity and what you learned from your participation. You must provide documentation of your participation. Such documentation can take the form of correspondence with organizers or policy makers, meeting agenda or minutes, or letter from an event organizer.
As with all written assignments, paper should demonstrate comprehension and ability to apply concepts from the text and course readings to the discussion at hand and the proper use of citation (in-text citations and reference list). Paper must incorporate content from the text as well as other appropriate references. Papers will demonstrate critical thinking, adequate citations, and correct application of APA format. Assignment submissions need to be in a MSWord file (PDFs or papers written in other formats will not be accepted). Students should run Spell Check, Grammar Check, or Editor to correct any misspellings and/or grammar errors.

June 1, 2023 at 9:00 AM – Hearing #003/2022-2023 (D.G.)
I. Hearing #003/2022-2023 Called to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance(s)
III. Roll Call:
IV. CLOSED MEETING: as pursuant to the Texas Government Code Sections: 551.071, 551.072, 551.074, 551.082, and 551.084.
IV.A. Discussion and consideration regarding the Non-Renewal of the Term Contract of Professional (D.G.)
IV.B. BOARD RECONVENES – Board action on agenda item discussed in Executive Session.
IV.C. Discussion, consideration and possible action regarding the Non-Renewal of the Term Contract of Professional (D.G.)
V. Adjournment.