Demographics and mental health
Exam Content
As a criminal justice professional, you will regularly serve the public by supporting individuals who may be experiencing a mental health crisis or who are affected by mental health issues or disabilities. To support individuals with mental health issues, criminal justice professionals must be ready to identify helpful resources for those in crisis. Not every community has the same resources available, so it is important to know what exists in your area. Your community may have federal, state, and county resources, as well as non-profit organizations and services. Vulnerable individuals rely on the ethical decision-making skills of criminal justice professionals to protect their safety in crisis situations.

In this summative assessment, you will create a resource guide that lists services available in your community. Upon completion, you will have a usable list of resources that promote solutions for individuals facing a similar crisis.

Select a target population represented in your area with demographics familiar to you, such as a group that shares a mental or behavioral health diagnosis, a cultural identity, socioeconomic status, or a factor such as age, race/ethnicity, or sex/gender. Locate data on current trends within this population related to mental health and the criminal justice system. Research community resources available in your area that promote solutions to individuals from this population who are affected by mental health issues or crises.

Assessment Deliverable
Write a 700- to 1,050-word resource guide that analyzes community services available in your area to support individuals affected by mental health issues or crises. Compose the guide as if you were a criminal justice professional documenting potential resources to share with individuals in your community. Include the following in your resource guide:
Describe the demographics and mental health concerns of the intended population for the community resources included in your guide.
Give 2 examples of resources available in your community in each of the following categories that are appropriate for individuals from the population group you selected:
Mental health treatment services
Disability and accessibility services
Substance abuse services
Domestic violence services
Housing/shelter services
Veteran services
Sexual assault services
Basic needs support (food and clothing)
Transportation services (Note: When referring individuals in crisis to resources, remember to consider their access to a vehicle and driving ability.)
Choose one: services for a first-time justice-involved individual; or, services for an individual exiting a correctional facility to reenter a community.
Describe the services provided and include the following information for each community resource or agency:
Name of the resource or agency
Physical address
Phone number
Contact person
Website of the resource or agency
Cost to individuals (e.g., accepts insurance, sliding fee, free)
Explain how each resource could assist someone affected by mental health issues or crisis.
Recommend at least 1 additional service that would be helpful to the population you selected but is unavailable in your community.

Use a format that makes the information in the guide clear to readers, such as a flyer, outline, list, brochure, or Wakelet® page.

Submit your assessment.

Assessment Support
Review the rubric for guidance on deliverable expectations.
You have options for using any of the following design tools to create your guide:
Access the APA Templates and Samples in the Center for Writing Excellence and review the Sample Outline for an example of how to organize an outline as an option to build your guide.
Read how to Create a brochure in Word for the web to learn how to make a brochure in Microsoft Word as an option to build your guide. (You will not be required to publish your guide online for this assessment.)
Watch “Wakelet in 5 minutes!” to learn how to use Wakelet as an option to build your guide.
Watch “Padlet Tutorial – How to Get Started” to learn how to use Padlet as an option to build your guide.
Confirm with your faculty member before using other software to create a file or link that may not be accessible or compatible with Blackboard.