Explain the fallacy of accuracy.
Explain the fallacy of accuracy. How could you improve the accuracy of the criminal profile? Please give two examples of cases from those presented in the ( FBI cases) Link Course Files where the signature or characteristics of the offender once captured matched or differentiated from the criminal profile.
What is a signature and how is it different from modus operandi? In your explanation comment on signature aspect and signature behaviors with examples.
Students are expected to participate in the weekly discussions. Each initial post must be at least 500 words with a minimum of 2 references and at least 3 in-text citations in APA format. You must respond to two classmates with a minimum of 150 words and at least 1 reference and 1 in-text citation in each response in APA format, which accounts for 30% of your grade. Initial posts and responses are due by 11:59 p.m. Sunday.