Six Domains of Health Care Quality.
Examine the relationship between the quality domains, quality standrards, and quality indicators used by your chosen health care environment to improve the quality of health care.
The topic is The National Academies of Sciences, Egineering, and Medicine (formly Insititue of Medicine IOM) Six Domiains of Health Care Quality.
Review the quality standard term interactions:
Evaluators: Identify quality indicators that need to be solved. Example: long wait times
Indicators: Lead to quality standards to address those indicators. Example: sign-in stations
Standards: They are categorized into the six domains to help the providers track improvements. Example: timely
Drivers: Participants in the health care process. Examples: patients and government agencies.
Assessment Deliverable
Develop a 700- to 1,050-word evidence report in which you:
Include a summary of your chosen health care environment, including the type of facility, the type of patients, and the facility size.
Describe 3 quality standards that align with your chosen agency/organization.
Describe how each quality standard aligns to 1 of the domains of health.
Explain how each quality standard is measured for effectiveness.
Detail how at least 2 key quality drivers affect the quality-improvement process.
Analyze how pursuing/meeting each standard improves patient safety and quality health care.
Cite any sources used and format citations and references according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assessment.

Assessment Support
Review the rubric for guidance on deliverable expectations.
Visit the Center for Writing Excellence for assistance with grammar, APA formatting, and other writing topics.