Western Medicine and Diverse Healing Practices
Western Medicine and Diverse Healing Practices
Directions: Some components of western medicine are melorism, dominance over nature, activism, timeliness, therapeutic aggression, future orientation and standardization. For this assignment, select a culture that is represented in your workplace or one in a prior workplace.
Based on the information in Modules 5 and 6, submit the following:
Select two of the components of western medicine and discuss a scenario (fiction or nonfiction) when those components can negatively affect patient outcomes. Ensure the elements in the readings are discussed in this assignment. Also, discuss how this experience with healing practices was foreign to western medicine and your nursing practice in relation to protecting or maintaining health with this culture. Give specific examples on how the interaction have been more culturally sensitive?
Discuss and reflect on what you learned relating to this culture and the healing practice during your experience
Discuss your experience and how you would apply an ethical principle.
Your submission should be at least 4-5 paragraphs, 3-5 sentences each, and cover the information listed above.
Submission: Post an original thread in the discussion board. It should not be an attachment or written in APA format, but be sure to cite your sources within your post using the correct APA format. Reply to three classmate’s postings to obtain all your points.