What could the ark symbolize? What does the flood represent?
Many of you chose the flood of Noah for the Discussion #2 assignment. This is probably the myth many of you are most familiar with and it may have been introduced to you as a part of a religion. You might have even been taught to read it literally. To do so is to miss the original meaning and purpose of this myth.
This myth is about human’s relationship with the Cosmos (all things found in the universe). Some things can be seen (this is the study of science) and others cannot (metaphysical). Both of these elements exist in the cosmos and humans must find a way to live among these truths to be happy (psychological). Finally, humans must not only exist among nature, but also with other humans (sociological).
The myth of Noah’s flood covers all four of these functions. Ultimately, it is a story of rebirth. How things must die in order to be reborn. Re-read this myth, not as a story of how God is angry with the world, but how humans live in it. It is filled with symbolism. What could the ark symbolize? What does the flood represent?
Let’s talking about this myth together: Start a new thread and pick one of the elements of the story. What do you think that element symbolizes? Why? What mythological function does it serve? If you did not receive full credit (50 points) for Discussion #2, this is your chance to earn some of those lost points. You may participate in this even if you did not choose Noah’s Flood for the assignment. Also, read my example of how to look past the literal reading of a myth. You may also respond to it to add to the extra credit you receive.